Sky Framework v2

Currently version v2.2.7 - Release notes

Modular HTML, CSS and Javascript framework
brought to you by PCCW Global.

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Sky is a modular HTML, CSS and Javascript framework to assist PCCW Global development teams create products compliant to the PCCW Global visual standards, faster and easier, using code specifically written for this purpose. Applications developed using this framework ensure that customers are provided with a naturally flowing experience between different product lines and services as if they are using a single product.

Limitations - Disclaimer

Sky Framework has been initially developed to provide a better experience to PCCW Global customers when using various ranges of its products.

The R&D team has spent a lot of time to make the migration process as smooth and easy as possible by providing not only components for visual consistency, but also standardized template layouts for seamless workflows between different applications.

It is unavoidable for development teams to refactor big parts of their applications, not only visually but also their workflows. The layouts provided by the Sky Framework have been developed to provide a common workflow experience for all applications, even the most demanding ones. Most workflows will be able to adapt to the provided layouts, but for the ones that do not, the R&D team will be in the developer teams' reach to discuss any concerns and conclude to a solution. It is possible that changes to established workflows might lead to short-term user discomfort, but this should only be considered a minor setback when looking at the target goal.

In applications where full compliance is not an option - like in third-party applications, the R&D team will be available to provide solutions that can be implemented effortlessly.